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                          The CALS Senior Award is a yearly award for outstanding students in the Genetics and Genomics major who are graduating.  We like to honor students’ achievements inside and …

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                          Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Laboratory of Genetics.  The Laboratory of Genetics is comprised of two sister departments that function as one.  The Department of Genetics in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences was founded in 1910 and is the oldest genetics department in the country.  The Department of Medical Genetics, which recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, is housed within the School of Medicine and Public Health.  Our mission is to address fundamental problems in genetics as they relate to medicine, agriculture, and basic knowledge of biology.

                          The Laboratory of Genetics is also the administrative home for the Genetics Training Program, a campus-wide training program that includes over 75 faculty trainers from diverse departments on campus that together provide graduate students diverse opportunities in modern genetics and genomics research.  Please visit our pages to find out more about us.

                          John Doebley
                          Chair, Laboratory of Genetics

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